Who is Winning the Battle?

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Huawei has finally unveiled the Mate 30 Series this week. However, the media is already stirring up the concoction despite the innovative hardware of these devices.

The gossip is all about Google gap, it seems like Huawei’s announcement was met with a hard slap. Google warned that it would not license the new MateĀ  Phone Series in terms of the U.S. restrictions.

The media is having a field day with the news. The main focus is on Huawei’s capabilities to deal with the lack of YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Store, and Google Maps.

At the IFA tech show in Germany, Richard Yu told the media there “might be a workaround on hand.” Will President Trump lift it as part of a trade deal?

Despite the fact that Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, mentioned that the open-source nature of Android has a lot of possibilities. Huawei is unable to provide Google Mobile Services on new products due to the ban. Third-party developers are working on it.

Unfortunately, presentations thus far focused on the new 5G chipset, its performance, power efficiencies, the camera, and display.

This still leaves us with the question is there Google or no Google. For the risk-takers, I believe it’s a buy. If it means no Google you need to ask yourself what are you buying?

The stage is set and the countdown has begun to either fight over ownership of technology or a sportsman’s embrace after a boxing fight.

HarmonyOS seems to be the replacement for AndroidOS but it seems the ban is aimed at the ownership of technology, thus no Google for Huawei at this stage.

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