What is the Blockchain and the Internet of Things?

My challenge this morning was getting a clear understanding of what’s the difference between blockchain and the internet of things.

I was struggling to get answers and the terminology is making it more difficult to understand, but it’s more of a mirror image than the real thing that I want to share.

A lot of information on the web exists regarding these topics and how deeper you investigate the more confusing it may get.

So after consulting with my friend on these topics, we agreed on certain basics to try and explain what is blockchain and what’s the internet of things.

Basically, the blockchain is the structure to build on. Looking back at the arrival of blockchain and how people are still confusing it with bitcoin, we need to clarify the basics.

In the beginning, blockchain started off as a transactional tool or open ledger to all on the specific blockchain to pay people immediately with digital currencies, cutting out the middlemen and you pay directly for the service or product.

The blockchain is still evolving and becoming something that I wonder if anyone is capable to understand it to the fullest. Ethereum started on a blockchain and developed smart contracts another development that we did not anticipate could stem from the blockchain.

Developments led further to decentralized approves being built on the blockchain. There was a movie titled: “The Mummy” and Arnold Vosloo a South African Actor featured in this role of the mummy.

The visual effects were great to describe how blockchain and the internet of things are working. It started with a skeleton or mummy that were woken and then you saw how muscle was added to the skeleton and skin so that eventually he became once again human.

Now if you get the picture of what I am saying you shall get the answer to the puzzling question of blockchain and how we can use the internet of things to devices to the blockchain and internet of things.

Okay, we can establish then that blockchain is the structure or skeleton of all the things build on a blockchain and the internet of things is giving it some flesh.

If cars can run on its own without a driver and are on the blockchain or a house an all its appliances can be controlled from the internet of things, imagine all the possibilities, it seems endless.

Rumors of merging technologies are going about it to solve problems and it’s surely becoming a reality as technology is taking giant leaps for mankind.

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