What is 5G?

What is 5G?

We refer to 5G as the fifth generation cellular network technology
that provides broadband access. 5G follows 2G, 3G, and 4G and their
respective associated technologies.

Many of us are thinking only about download speeds. We may have heard that with 3G, it takes approximately 26 hours to download a two-hour film. With 4G, six minutes and with 5G, three and a half seconds. 5G is not just about the download speed, videos that never buffer or calls that never drop.

It’s also about driverless cars, connecting appliances, and smart
homes. With basically everything that can be connected, it does pose
risks and security risks to a country if you don’t own the technology.

5GE is not 5G it’s just faster than LTE and a bit more advanced it’s
still lacking in terms of download speeds.

Politics and technology are like oil and water it does not mix well.
President Donald Trump and China relationship are volatile, as seen in
reports. He barred American Firms to make use of telecoms equipment made by firms posing national security risks. It is aimed at China and Huawei.

Despite these claims, Russia has decided to side with Huawei to develop 5G and Russia’s president has voiced an opinion that Huawei is getting pushed out of global markets to develop 5G.

It leaves us with the question is this restriction on digital assets and development that can benefit the world really founded or is this more about ownership of this technology?

Huawei’s biggest challenge seems to be a replacement Android Operating System since Google has been barred from Huawei due to the claims of posing a threat or risk to the national security of America.

According to reports from Forbes, it seems Huawei is testing Aurora OS as a replacement, but there are speculations Huawei exploring multiple alternative options.

The final question is how will global markets react if it is possible for Huawei and China to develop their own Android Operating System and Services?

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