Three Tips For Email Marketing.

Sadly the truth is that junk stays junk, and we cannot compare junk with something awesome or extraordinary. We can sit for hours and put a lot of effort into compiling junk, and then we ask why are we not seeing the results?

The answer is simply that we are doing things just to get them done, or we do things that please ourselves. This is one of the major mistakes we make because there is a lot of content on the net, some junk and some awesome stuff.

It’s the same as if you are opening your mailbox in the physical world. Before I reach the entrance of my home I have already disposed of the junk mail. The same applies with emails we open. Read, and delete the junk.

The first tip is to focus on a good subject line. I mean something that someone, that may show or have interest in your product or services, want to open and not delete and spam.

Focus on what your client wants and/or needs. The second tip: look from their perspective. Address their pain points and stop trying to force somebody to buy or to execute an action you want for your business. Focus on giving good and awesome content rather than selling because you want to retain the client help him through the journey until he converts. I believe: allow 80% for the email’s content and 20% for marketing.

Remember your approach should be sincere and focused on the client’s needs and not forcing something that your client or prospect does not need. During a sale you may have developed the ability to sell something to a client that he or she does not need and you may feel like the winner by getting the sale but you are surely going to be the loser when it comes to retaining the client.

It is supposed to be a win – win situation and you may have the ability to sell eggs to chicken but you have failed to retain the client. However if you want to sell eggs to chicken and you don’t care to retain the client and always want to be the winner, you are not going to be able to retain the client.

What client in their right mind will come back to you if you gave him a product or service he or she did not need or want? Give him or her the room or opportunity to need your product or service and acquire the skill to create the need, or want for the product. Learn the nurturing process that involves into a sale and client retention.

The third tip don’t buy email lists. Personally buying email lists is just as good as spamming your reaching out to people that want your products or services and trying to force the issue.

People generally overlook the significant role email marketing plays in nurturing prospects through a sales funnel and that’s why email lists are being collected on most websites. When they have your email, they can market to you, and if they are doing it effectively, they may sell their products or services.

With blockchain technology the effective nurture journey of prospects through a sales funnel will promote new dimensions to email marketing. Remember blockchain technology is still in an infancy stage, however the rapid development is happening in regard to approves that are being build.

Just imagine how exciting this will be on a decentralized web, the different futuristic features email approves may adopt. It’s definitely going to be more advanced in regard to spam boxes, spam filters, virus detection sorting your contacts and post into different groups, bulk posts, etc.

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