The Age of Innovation.

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Groomed for the age of innovation.

During various discussions with people, I discovered that many of us are still believing that we are in the age of information.

In reality, we must have heard the saying many times: “Think outside the box” and when did we start to hear this saying? If I am asking people have anybody ever challenged you to think outside the box.

The answers were mostly yes. Were we conditioned or was this some form of preparation for something to come or an indication an era has passed?

The end of an age.

Things do not happen overnight we were introduced to the age of innovation. These things happened gradually so that we failed to notice the dawn of an age and the rise of another.

Prepare yourself and your children.

Look at the things around us and look at how rapidly things are changing. It’s time to accept we are already living in a new age, the age of innovation.

When we look at the careers of the past how many people have lost their jobs, and there are still more job losses to come.

Just have a look at the things that were done by humans in the past, robots and robotic arms are doing the job.

When we have to look at the careers of the future it’s going to create a lot of thinking outside the box. We and our children will have to gear ourselves to become creative and innovative.


As parents need to guide our children in the right direction. The rise of new technologies and the advancement of technologies are significantly impacting the careers of the future.

I have read an article regarding future skills that I think is spot on and emphasize five skills:

  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Digital literacy and computational thinking
  • Judgment and decision – making
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Creative and innovative mindset

This is a good read and I suggest you read the full article here.

Please leave a comment on what you think the future hold for us. Think about jobs or careers for us and our children.

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