The Advancements of Artificial Intelligence.

We are in for major surprises when we have a look at Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain.

When we enter discussions about the blockchain, do we have the knowledge or ability to explain to someone else what we think is the blockchain?

My personal opinion is that embracing definitions alone are limiting our full understanding of the blockchain or what we can do with it because of the developments that pave an integration of different technologies, for example, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things.

The fact that we can not deny is that Artificial Intelligence and Technology will impact our lives and it’s already happening with the devices we are interacting with each day.

We shall discover the advancements of Artificial Intelligence that opens the proverbial can of worms. Not everybody is ready to get to grip with the advancements Artificial Intelligence. In reality, we shall find people for it and against it.

Yesterday, I was watching several Youtube videos regarding Sophia the humanoid robot. She is known to be the world’s most expressive robot. This does freak some people out, leaving them with the question, will robots become as smarter than humans?

The surprise is that robots are more advanced than many of us may think and we have different reactions to it. They have the mental and cognitive structures to eventually surpassĀ  humans.

What makes it a bit uncomfortable for some is the predictions that they may function on our level within the next 3-5 years according to Hanson Robotics chief scientistĀ  Dr. Ben Goertzel.

Personally, I think that Sophia and all applications on the blockchain deserve attention since different AI’s are coordinating on an Open Source Network on the Etherium Blockchain.

In the future, we shall come back discussing Sophia and have look at Hanson Robotics and Singularity Net.

We shall also take a deeper look at how Decentralized Cloud Base Platforms are working to get the understanding of the puzzle of Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain and the understanding of nodes and how they interact with master nodes.

Are we ready to interact with technology and how will it impact our lives in the future is still a question unanswered?

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