Suspicious Websites.

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We have all come across some of these websites in the past.

Looking back at how I felt after a party to find there were burglars in my house. They went through my stuff.

They had access to everything without my permission.  My clothes were on the floor, my ex-wife’s clothes were on the floor.

I can’t remember if the children were born at that time and if their things were also lying on the floor or not.

I was just angry and felt violated someone was in my house and went through everything that is personal to me.

Imagine this you visit a website and you discover later they have all your personal information without you willingly provided that information. How are you going to feel if you find out they stole from you?

Anger and all the emotions you have are somehow related to poor judgment and ignorance.

Physical versus Digital.

There is not much difference in the physical world and the digital world and we need to treat them with the same respect in order to prevent feeling completely powerless.

I could have prevented the incident. I had many options, for example, I could have asked a relative to come over, or a friend.

I have now a security system in my house. I could have done even that. I was a sitting duck.

There are certain things that we fail to do.  We are just into it for the results.  Another good example is altcoins we want them because we want a result to beat inflation.

Due to ignorance, we get caught in scams or even buy shitty coins. We don’t care about who it is or how it works we are focussed on results.

After all the turmoil we decide to become aware of scams, fraudsters, and bad coins. We are more cautious about the platforms we are using to buy coins from. Then only we are prepared to learn.

Here are a free website security check and malware scanner.

It’s easy to use and it gives you a lot of information including the IP Address.

Here is an IP Lookup Tool.


Let us have a look at Clive’s comment and I quote from it: “…The website looks suspicious. Although when I clicked on the link I had no problems with Google Chrome, it didn’t show me a Deceptive Site Ahead Warning. Some “Tell Tale Signs” would be

1)The address on the website – has a very broad address NSW 2060? No street address and no contact telephone number on the website.

2) There are no contact details when you look up the I.P address on WHOIS I.P.

3)Sucuri SiteCheck which is a free online security website checking tool shows as a blacklisted website and is a critical security risk.

4)Usually, when pricing seems too good to be true a red flag should be raised

5) You could also Google to see if the website is a scam has not been reported but there are enough red flags showing up and it would be a sad situation if your investment disappeared overnight.”


Hoping you shall find this useful and be more careful in the future.

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