Social Media Platforms On The Blockchain

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When you wake in the morning, do you have the grateful feeling you that a new day dawns upon you? Is there excitement despite all the challenges that you are going to face today, that there is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

Awesome things are happening each day on the blockchain and sometimes we are just missing it, and we as marketers are missing out on an opportunity and we can not afford it.

We need to take note of developments and I am actually shocked that my discoveries to discover this decentralized approve took me more nearly three years to discover and if it wasn’t for my best friend I think it would have even taken me a lot longer.

A first application built upon Steem blockchain. Steemit a
company founded by Ned Scott and blockchain developer Dan Larimer launched the social media platform during July 2016. Steemit as the first application built upon the Steem blockchain.

Wake up! I want to say wake up, stats from 2018 revealed, Steem paid their users more than $40 million. Users get paid in Steam dollars an altcoin and they get it straight into their wallets and may exchange it for Fiat currency.

With everything that has been build on blockchain, people have many opinions and many people when they hear the word blockchain or cryptocurrencies they are automatically on scam alert.

My humble opinion is that when you invest in startups on the blockchain you are fully aware of the risks. Premature reports about poor support and money that people lost, I think is unfair.  Even asking why to opt the route on the blockchain for a social media platform I think is pretty stupid there was nothing wrong with the idea.

Another claim about friends, I mean where to start with your startup, amongst friends? What is wrong with it. If I am getting $0.01 against someone who did invest and are taking the risk that gets more. What is the story? It’s stupidity to want the same and so what if they were friends as soon as they invested they became investors.

The intention of a decentralized social media platform was the motivation behind it, to create something unique.

Claiming you know something that you don’t know, on what do you base your claims? It’s silly if you take risks and lose a bit money you can’t base your claims on that.

Not every single startup on the blockchain is a scam. A lot of startups starts off on a gravel road until they reach the tar. Is there something wrong with that or is there more to it?

Steemit entered the social media market with the concept of sharing revenue with its users has been doing that so I am still wondering where is the scam? After nearly three years look how they are prospering, wasn’t it a bit premature judgement?

How can startups get somewhere on the blockchain if people don’t do some homework and just out vote everything as a scam? Steemit is a social media platform and the facts you get paid for good content¬† and nobody is forcing you in. It’s a choice.

If you do your homework you shall find Steemit wasn’t just smooth sailing all the way and even Steam had some rough times but it’s back this year.

Just go ahead and do your own homework and make informed decisions.

For more information, you can visit and get an explanation on Steemit and how things are working on the decentralized web.

I do encourage people to surf the net and look for answers and test what is the truth based on knowledge and not to assume things.

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