What’s Happening in our Digital World?

Remembering my late father and friends when they arrived at home after a fishing trip and the laughter in my mom’s eyes and smile on her face when they were discussing the big one that got away.

My mom and I had many laughs through the years due to these conversations and most of the time their hand gestures in regard to the size of the fish, was what gave them away. Hoping you have a clear picture of this.

Yesterday, whilst I was busy with a Facebook post I was recalling these fishing trips because I was posting about authenticity, being genuine and authentic.

Previously, we did have discussions in this regard, but since we are all trying to make our mark in the Digital World we need to focus on being authentic in what we are doing. We need to focus on doing things in the fashion where we do not become the laughingstock of the Digital World.

That myth of faking it until we make it is a myth and also a lie. I don’t deny my struggles and the challenges I am facing because it does more harm than good especially when you are trying to establish a brand. Remember the similarities between our Physical World and our Digital World and how they integrate to our business or reflecting who we are as individuals.

There is this idea that we can separate our digital image or reputation from our Physical World but I think we all know how our flaunts or mistakes digitally becomes major discussions in our Physical World so my advice to walk with shoulders tall is starting with behaving in the same manner online and offline.

Another tip to remember it’s not so much about what you think or what you want, rather than knowing who your prospective client is and where they are feeling the pain.

Addressing our clients needs will over time contribute to our success and our online reputation or let me rather say our online as well as offline reputation.

SEO Rankings.

During a discussion, yesterday with a dear friend the word “wisdom” came up in our conversation. He is like a mentor to me, and he seriously had me to become a firm believer in becoming knowledgeable in regard to what you want to do.

It’s actually simple when you have the knowledge to base your decisions on wisdom. Wisdom will kick in gear so that you can make the right decision or decisions.

When we are looking at a definition I quote from the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: “The right use or exercise of knowledge; the choice of laudable ends, and of the best means to accomplish them.” I normally don’t do this, I mean quoting a lot, so this means I am serious and I hope you feel the same.

Learning the hard way is a costly exercise and it’s because we tend to do things in the hope that some miracle shall come from it and if our actions were based on sound knowledge we should have been able to prevent it.

When we start off in this business, we discover that there are paid ways of doing things on the net and then free or let me say organic ways, but all of them has positive and say negative attributes depending on how you do things on the net.

I know a good deal of may beg to differ from what I am saying, but mostly those who differ from this are the ones you are making rich by making yourself poor. I am talking about the ones that tell you to get the money, and they can’t even predict the outcome of the return on your initial investment.

Results, analytics that’s the data that tells the story and not basing decisions on nothing. Not having the money, why spend it if you are not going to get the sale?

Paid advertising is a reality and Search Engine Marketing is also a reality. Rankings are based on both Search Engine Optimization, free stuff or organic and Search Engine Marketing where there is paid advertising involved. Thus, people who search on the search engines, for example, Google and are searching for your product or service will be able to find you through either SEO or SEM depending on your ranking.

From my personal experience, if you can’t sell something, I mean landing that sale or getting paid for the service you provide, tell me the logic in spending that money with no return on your investment?

My advice is if you can sell the product or service and you can afford to pay to go for it, but have a budget and you need to go back to the drawing board and calculate your return on your investment. There are ways to direct the right people to your blog site or website, but if your stuff ain’t awesome, what are you going to sell or for what are you going to get paid?

Build organically use the free stuff first and sell something or get paid for your service then spend, but if time becomes an issue pay somebody to manage your Social Media Platforms and get into paid advertising that targets those interested in your products or service.

Your rankings ain’t more important than actual sales or getting paid for your service, yes rankings do help with the searches on search engines, broad or narrow searches, but is that the only way to get somebody who has interest in your product or service on your site?

Getting them there is one thing but getting them there to stay, is also another and maybe a future topic.

New Digital, Social Media Marketing & Technological Developments.

Let’s make it exciting to keep updated with Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

New search engines, social media platforms, and developments of decentralized applications on the blockchain are going to influence our normal way of conducting business in the future.

We lose interest at times when we are engaging with theory because it can become overwhelming.

Our aim is not only to get small business owners, online entrepreneurs, marketers, etc. interested in these topics but to develop a passion for it.

Try and think about disposable nappies. The baby’s bums stay dry because there is some sort of gel that absorbs the urine. It’s actually amazing and anybody that’s changing nappies has a preferred brand and their reasons are mostly based upon what absorbs the best.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford these expensive nappies which also influence our decision, but disposable nappies are in and washing nappies are out.

Nappies ain’t the only thing that developed over the years and if we look at the development of technology over the last couple of years we are making giant leaps lately.

Did you see the latest smartphones? It’s amazing all the features, and what you can do with and it’s not adults alone having these new tech devices in their hands but kids as well.

There’s  a lot of development due to the advanced technology. There are many programs for different things e.g. Graphic Design and these programs are being developed as we speak.

On the social media platforms developers are also constantly busy developing new features to existing platforms and even developing new ones, e.g. Webtalk that’s being in many discussions of Social Media Marketers. Some decentralized social media applications like Steemit is also catching our eyes.

Now you can reach millions of people at the click of the mouse or a tap on a smartphone. That’s why we ought to change our mindsets in order to extend our small business into something “Big”.

We are living in an era where technology is developing at a fast rate. The ones owning technology is constantly trying to develop better technology and there is a race to have the best.

As marketers, we are facing several new challenges. We need to keep abreast with technological development in order to perform at our peak. It’s foolish to ignore technological development and the latest tools added in our toolkit.

Expanding engagement is a serious issue we are dealing with each day. The idea is to be able to reach those who are potential clients effectively. New technology, enables us to be effective in our efforts and there is data that tells us if we on the right track.

Many routes lead to Rome as they say, but we do not have to walk in circles to get there. All we need do is to become knowledgeable.

Targeted Traffic Hits.

At time, it may seem that we have an idea of what we want to do but so many times when the wheel starts turning we have to start all over from scratch because of a lump somewhere in the clay.

Thinking about it, we have noticed that it takes time, a lot of effort and persistence to form the perfect object.

Sometimes we get so easily distracted by a lot of circumstances that’s not conducive to create the perfect object or product, only when we persist in our efforts and set aside our circumstances we can make something unique from the clay.

Introducing something unique is so difficult because everybody wants to claim their product has unique features and promotes a need to actually want the  product. A good sales man has the ability to sell you something that you do not need. He developed a skill to create a need and most of the time we, the consumers discover too late the fact that we were taken for a ride.

Our team has the ability to offer you a service to target traffic to your website or blog. Discovering the need to get targeted traffic to your website or blog leaves you with several options and when you need to work on small budget it’s becoming very difficult rise above all the noise on the internet.

We believe this is what makes our services unique and look we are looking forward to help you achieve better results than before.

The Four Main Crowdfunding Types.

We all know that humans are unique in so many ways. We differ from each other and our framework of reference influence our perceptions and decisions at the end of the day.

Discussing topics like cryptocurrencies or blockchain has varied perceptions due to the fact that we base these things on the knowledge we have about it.

What we know and what we do not know impacts on our contributions when certain topics are being discussed. We form our opinions and base decisions upon them. Sometimes our believes or opinions are tested when we make our choices.

It’s sad when we make choices that are not beneficial to promote growth in our businesses. Many times the door to expanding our businesses are open but we prefer to close that door and we are missing out opportunity.

Sometimes we tell ourselves it’s not going to work before we even gave it a try. If we are prepared to learn from our mistakes and if we are prepared to go that extra mile we might amaze ourselves.

Somethings is not for the privilege but for those who want to persist in order to succeed. Many startups are struggling and skeptical about what can work for their businesses. We tend to think or we are of opinion something won’t work for our businesses based on what we think the majority believes in.

When we are looking for funds we normally think we need a financial institution like a bank and when somebody raises the word crowdfunding we want to raise our eyebrows and we judge harshly this practice.

When the door is open let us explore the opportunity and with a bit effort, we may succeed to become knowledgeable. Let our knowledge guide us to make informed decisions.

Let us look at the four main types of crowdfunding.

Donation Based Crowdfunding.

It means exactly what it’s saying, no reward is involved. Your contributors are contributing primarily because they believe in the cause to raise the funds. It may be money or other resources to support the idea or cause . l

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding.

Okay, this is where your contributors expect some form of reward for their contribution. I am not going to go into the history of crowdfunding but it has been a long for quite some time, and common practice is that you have at least three levels of rewards based on the level of contribution. l

Debt Based Crowdfunding.

It means you or your company’s intention is to repay your contributors who agreed to lend you the money is expecting something more binding. It’s more of a contractual agreement with timeframes and set interest rates to repay your contributors.

Equity Based Crowdfunding.

Your contributors expect a piece of your business or company. Return on investment in terms of shares or membership interest plays a big role.

I do not wish to be getting into textbook definitions about crowdfunding but to stimulate you to read and search for more information if you are interested in the topic. Startups in general and even startups on the blockchain may benefit in crowdfunding.

There is the potential for crowdfunding to support your marketing efforts and you need a strategy to implement it successfully.

Social Media Platforms On The Blockchain

When you wake in the morning, do you have the grateful feeling you that a new day dawns upon you? Is there excitement despite all the challenges that you are going to face today, that there is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

Awesome things are happening each day on the blockchain and sometimes we are just missing it, and we as marketers are missing out on an opportunity and we can not afford it.

We need to take note of developments and I am actually shocked that my discoveries to discover this decentralized approve took me more nearly three years to discover and if it wasn’t for my best friend I think it would have even taken me a lot longer.

A first application built upon Steem blockchain. Steemit a
company founded by Ned Scott and blockchain developer Dan Larimer launched the social media platform during July 2016. Steemit as the first application built upon the Steem blockchain.

Wake up! I want to say wake up, stats from 2018 revealed, Steem paid their users more than $40 million. Users get paid in Steam dollars an altcoin and they get it straight into their wallets and may exchange it for Fiat currency.

With everything that has been build on blockchain, people have many opinions and many people when they hear the word blockchain or cryptocurrencies they are automatically on scam alert.

My humble opinion is that when you invest in startups on the blockchain you are fully aware of the risks. Premature reports about poor support and money that people lost, I think is unfair.  Even asking why to opt the route on the blockchain for a social media platform I think is pretty stupid there was nothing wrong with the idea.

Another claim about friends, I mean where to start with your startup, amongst friends? What is wrong with it. If I am getting $0.01 against someone who did invest and are taking the risk that gets more. What is the story? It’s stupidity to want the same and so what if they were friends as soon as they invested they became investors.

The intention of a decentralized social media platform was the motivation behind it, to create something unique.

Claiming you know something that you don’t know, on what do you base your claims? It’s silly if you take risks and lose a bit money you can’t base your claims on that.

Not every single startup on the blockchain is a scam. A lot of startups starts off on a gravel road until they reach the tar. Is there something wrong with that or is there more to it?

Steemit entered the social media market with the concept of sharing revenue with its users has been doing that so I am still wondering where is the scam? After nearly three years look how they are prospering, wasn’t it a bit premature judgement?

How can startups get somewhere on the blockchain if people don’t do some homework and just out vote everything as a scam? Steemit is a social media platform and the facts you get paid for good content  and nobody is forcing you in. It’s a choice.

If you do your homework you shall find Steemit wasn’t just smooth sailing all the way and even Steam had some rough times but it’s back this year.

Just go ahead and do your own homework and make informed decisions.

For more information, you can visit www.technomagazine.net and get an explanation on Steemit and how things are working on the decentralized web.

I do encourage people to surf the net and look for answers and test what is the truth based on knowledge and not to assume things.

Leading the Pack in the Latest Technology.


People are afraid of new technology and to be honest ignorance and lack of knowledge play a significant role.

If you think in terms of technology, the country with the best technology rules.

Technology has become something sought after more than natural resources, for example, silver gold. My humble opinion is that technology can be used for good or evil and when it comes to the blockchain it is for the good, the middlemen are out.

It’s a decentralized web with an open ledger to view and it’s transparent everybody is seeing the same ledger.

When we are looking at the influence it’s going to have on search engines, we all know that blockchain is evolving and top marketers already busy to enter viable opportunities on the blockchain and to have a head start above the rest. It is all about the latest technology and who is going to be leading the pack.

For nearly three centuries there are billboards and they differ a lot from what it used to be. Businesses are still spending money on it if you think about it and they paying even more for digital billboard these days.

Seriously there is nothing to be alarmed about, but the facts are main powerhouses, for example, is still conducting business as usual despite the fact that on the decentralized web the marketer is going to deal directly with his client.

There is no Google involve in what you are doing on the decentralized web but you are still going to use Google or other search engines in the future.

As technology is expanding even the search engines are expanding and new developments are part and parcel of it. Marketers, our playground is getting bigger there is no threat.

The umbrella of digital and social media marketing is getting bigger the technology grows from an infant to toddler or teenager etc.

Having a clear picture of development in our digital environment we ought to know that search engines are also competing in the field of technology.

I think if you are thinking these search engines are going to hands-up for blockchain or any other technology you are in for a surprise and also if you think you shall not need the blockchain to conduct business in the future, you are in for another surprise.

In The Dark Side?

We shall have a lot fewer regrets if we had the ability to forecast the future.

How many times do we look back at mistakes of decisions with a lot of regrets, saying: “If I could only knew the outcome of my decision”.These things are happening each day in our ordinary life that we make decisions that we regret.

Ignorance plays a big role in this because we do not always forecast or predict how our decisions will impact the future. Marketing is a very specialized field and incompetence are being dealt with harshly. You either deliver or produce the “goodies” or you are out by the front door.

A new technology, Blockchain, surfaced that is changing our digital world.  If we know how this technology is going to change our future.  Are we going to make an effort to understand how it is going to influence the way we conduct Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing in the near future?

During common discussions about blockchain we do find that the majority of people we deal with thinks mostly in terms of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a method of payment.

I don’t think you need a scientist to be able to make a prediction to recognize the latest trends and how blockchain technology is evolving. The great stuff that we think are going to happen say fifty years from now are being launched at present.

It’s about time to recognize that there are applications running on the blockchain that has the potential to modify or expand the fields we are working in and that things might even come like a rush and may disrupt what we think we are doing.

Stats are proving who is ruling but in the digital marketing and the social media marketing realm, in the dark side on the blockchain, things are happening that we need to notice.

Future topics will explore developments that we as marketers need to explore to be effective in what we are doing and to develop marketing strategy accordingly.






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