Is Opera Browser Building on Clay or Solid Ground?

Personally, I don’t know what to make of it. There are many rumors going around in the technological circles about Justin Sun and TRON.

Alligations that Justin Sun is known for his fake partnerships and misleading his community.  I don’t want to bad mouth any startup or even an established blockchain project but we can’t walk eyes closed and not think we are going to stumble.

We have a responsibility towards ourselves to investigate and base our decisions on what we know and I want to encourage the visitors to this site to seriously do some homework on TRON.

What shocked me in the YouTube Video was the resignation of Lucien Chen and what he had to say about TRON regarding token distribution, Super Representatives, code development, etc.  This really raises concerns is TRON a centralized project or not?

Justin, on the other hand, seems be quite the guy believing in things that did not come to pass as if it did. Tweeting things like his partnerships and there are  references to it.

Sadly, it seems his claims were unfounded since an ordinary invitation to Justin is perceived by him as a partnership. If you investigate further the rumors about his fake partnerships check out his tweets about a senior developer from Alibaba.

To make a long story short two days ago Opera Browser announced it will support multiple blockchains in its browser and TRON was mentioned.

A day ago Opera Browser announced TRON being added to its crypto wallet and collaboration with TRON. Is  Opera Browser  building on clay or solid ground? Something you need to investigate yourself.


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