The Advancements of Artificial Intelligence.

We are in for major surprises when we have a look at Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain.

When we enter discussions about the blockchain, do we have the knowledge or ability to explain to someone else what we think is the blockchain?

My personal opinion is that embracing definitions alone are limiting our full understanding of the blockchain or what we can do with it because of the developments that pave an integration of different technologies, for example, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things.

The fact that we can not deny is that Artificial Intelligence and Technology will impact our lives and it’s already happening with the devices we are interacting with each day.

We shall discover the advancements of Artificial Intelligence that opens the proverbial can of worms. Not everybody is ready to get to grip with the advancements Artificial Intelligence. In reality, we shall find people for it and against it.

Yesterday, I was watching several Youtube videos regarding Sophia the humanoid robot. She is known to be the world’s most expressive robot. This does freak some people out, leaving them with the question, will robots become as smarter than humans?

The surprise is that robots are more advanced than many of us may think and we have different reactions to it. They have the mental and cognitive structures to eventually surpass  humans.

What makes it a bit uncomfortable for some is the predictions that they may function on our level within the next 3-5 years according to Hanson Robotics chief scientist  Dr. Ben Goertzel.

Personally, I think that Sophia and all applications on the blockchain deserve attention since different AI’s are coordinating on an Open Source Network on the Etherium Blockchain.

In the future, we shall come back discussing Sophia and have look at Hanson Robotics and Singularity Net.

We shall also take a deeper look at how Decentralized Cloud Base Platforms are working to get the understanding of the puzzle of Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain and the understanding of nodes and how they interact with master nodes.

Are we ready to interact with technology and how will it impact our lives in the future is still a question unanswered?

Virual Conference: How to make money with IIot?

Exciting news, speakers from Industrial Internet Consortium, Siemens and Alta Via Consulting will explain this in their upcoming virtual conference, on May 30.

Somethings maybe free,  like this virtual conference but it ain’t cheap you can learn from the best and if you are intrigued by IIot book your seat here, there are only a few days left.

I am  excited and looking forward to this conference.







Is Opera Browser Building on Clay or Solid Ground?

Personally, I don’t know what to make of it. There are many rumors going around in the technological circles about Justin Sun and TRON.

Alligations that Justin Sun is known for his fake partnerships and misleading his community.  I don’t want to bad mouth any startup or even an established blockchain project but we can’t walk eyes closed and not think we are going to stumble.

We have a responsibility towards ourselves to investigate and base our decisions on what we know and I want to encourage the visitors to this site to seriously do some homework on TRON.

What shocked me in the YouTube Video was the resignation of Lucien Chen and what he had to say about TRON regarding token distribution, Super Representatives, code development, etc.  This really raises concerns is TRON a centralized project or not?

Justin, on the other hand, seems be quite the guy believing in things that did not come to pass as if it did. Tweeting things like his partnerships and there are  references to it.

Sadly, it seems his claims were unfounded since an ordinary invitation to Justin is perceived by him as a partnership. If you investigate further the rumors about his fake partnerships check out his tweets about a senior developer from Alibaba.

To make a long story short two days ago Opera Browser announced it will support multiple blockchains in its browser and TRON was mentioned.

A day ago Opera Browser announced TRON being added to its crypto wallet and collaboration with TRON. Is  Opera Browser  building on clay or solid ground? Something you need to investigate yourself.


Three Tips For Email Marketing.

Sadly the truth is that junk stays junk, and we cannot compare junk with something awesome or extraordinary. We can sit for hours and put a lot of effort into compiling junk, and then we ask why are we not seeing the results?

The answer is simply that we are doing things just to get them done, or we do things that please ourselves. This is one of the major mistakes we make because there is a lot of content on the net, some junk and some awesome stuff.

It’s the same as if you are opening your mailbox in the physical world. Before I reach the entrance of my home I have already disposed of the junk mail. The same applies with emails we open. Read, and delete the junk.

The first tip is to focus on a good subject line. I mean something that someone, that may show or have interest in your product or services, want to open and not delete and spam.

Focus on what your client wants and/or needs. The second tip: look from their perspective. Address their pain points and stop trying to force somebody to buy or to execute an action you want for your business. Focus on giving good and awesome content rather than selling because you want to retain the client help him through the journey until he converts. I believe: allow 80% for the email’s content and 20% for marketing.

Remember your approach should be sincere and focused on the client’s needs and not forcing something that your client or prospect does not need. During a sale you may have developed the ability to sell something to a client that he or she does not need and you may feel like the winner by getting the sale but you are surely going to be the loser when it comes to retaining the client.

It is supposed to be a win – win situation and you may have the ability to sell eggs to chicken but you have failed to retain the client. However if you want to sell eggs to chicken and you don’t care to retain the client and always want to be the winner, you are not going to be able to retain the client.

What client in their right mind will come back to you if you gave him a product or service he or she did not need or want? Give him or her the room or opportunity to need your product or service and acquire the skill to create the need, or want for the product. Learn the nurturing process that involves into a sale and client retention.

The third tip don’t buy email lists. Personally buying email lists is just as good as spamming your reaching out to people that want your products or services and trying to force the issue.

People generally overlook the significant role email marketing plays in nurturing prospects through a sales funnel and that’s why email lists are being collected on most websites. When they have your email, they can market to you, and if they are doing it effectively, they may sell their products or services.

With blockchain technology the effective nurture journey of prospects through a sales funnel will promote new dimensions to email marketing. Remember blockchain technology is still in an infancy stage, however the rapid development is happening in regard to approves that are being build.

Just imagine how exciting this will be on a decentralized web, the different futuristic features email approves may adopt. It’s definitely going to be more advanced in regard to spam boxes, spam filters, virus detection sorting your contacts and post into different groups, bulk posts, etc.

Blockchain and Cryptocurencies Favoured.

We are on the brink of something big!

In the beginning, online shopping was a challenge for all, and now we are buying stuff online. Yes, shopping and spending money online has become part and parcel of modern life.

Value is being added to cryptocurrencies and my favorite line is to say wake up! Cryptocurrencies are becoming a mainstream asset for all! If you haven’t budgeted for it, operating digitally is going to change soon and we need to gear ourselves for the changes.

We have a responsibility towards ourselves to seriously take note of what is going on around us. There were rumors of a structure, Identity Overlay Network (ION) a decentralized identity network build on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

People felt the urge to buy bitcoin. What does it mean? Then suddenly US Senators are asking Zuckerberg questions about Facebook’s Libra project.

Cryptocurrencies are definitely getting attention and we need to see that Facebook is geared and did align themselves to a new dimension where people are going to use cryptocurrencies to do shopping online, send money family and friends, etc. this is immediate transactions on the blockchain.

Some of us are inclined not to think and just to do things on the spur of the moment. But I believe calculated decisions by powerhouses promoted assurance in cryptocurrencies and this is why cryptocurrencies look attractive like flowers blooming.

My humble opinion is that Facebook’s entrance on the blockchain is going to let other big social media platforms follow and enter the blockchain. Our social media platforms are going to influence e-commerce as we know it.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to make transactions a lot easier, so take note of it and be ready! This is really assuring people to invest as cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream asset nobody can deny.

What is the Blockchain and the Internet of Things?

My challenge this morning was getting a clear understanding of what’s the difference between blockchain and the internet of things.

I was struggling to get answers and the terminology is making it more difficult to understand, but it’s more of a mirror image than the real thing that I want to share.

A lot of information on the web exists regarding these topics and how deeper you investigate the more confusing it may get.

So after consulting with my friend on these topics, we agreed on certain basics to try and explain what is blockchain and what’s the internet of things.

Basically, the blockchain is the structure to build on. Looking back at the arrival of blockchain and how people are still confusing it with bitcoin, we need to clarify the basics.

In the beginning, blockchain started off as a transactional tool or open ledger to all on the specific blockchain to pay people immediately with digital currencies, cutting out the middlemen and you pay directly for the service or product.

The blockchain is still evolving and becoming something that I wonder if anyone is capable to understand it to the fullest. Ethereum started on a blockchain and developed smart contracts another development that we did not anticipate could stem from the blockchain.

Developments led further to decentralized approves being built on the blockchain. There was a movie titled: “The Mummy” and Arnold Vosloo a South African Actor featured in this role of the mummy.

The visual effects were great to describe how blockchain and the internet of things are working. It started with a skeleton or mummy that were woken and then you saw how muscle was added to the skeleton and skin so that eventually he became once again human.

Now if you get the picture of what I am saying you shall get the answer to the puzzling question of blockchain and how we can use the internet of things to devices to the blockchain and internet of things.

Okay, we can establish then that blockchain is the structure or skeleton of all the things build on a blockchain and the internet of things is giving it some flesh.

If cars can run on its own without a driver and are on the blockchain or a house an all its appliances can be controlled from the internet of things, imagine all the possibilities, it seems endless.

Rumors of merging technologies are going about it to solve problems and it’s surely becoming a reality as technology is taking giant leaps for mankind.

Do We Need Websites?

I was sitting in front of the laptop busy tweeting when I received a direct message from this lady. Well, she asked me what do I think about her Twitter account, and I started off giving my professional opinion since I thought she knew exactly what I was doing by viewing my profile.

I was looking at her profile, links, and hashtags when she posed this question, so this conversation motivated me to revisit the question of why do we do need websites and what is the importance of being ranked on the main Search Engines for example Google?

A website has become an essential tool in business. We can not argue the fact that if we don’t expand our business digitally our business will be under a lot of pressure to survive, we need to be out there digitally to expand.

We also need to become competent in what we are doing. Incompetence is going to be our downfall if we do not become knowledgeable about the new developments and strategies.

A website can become a real headache if we do not know what we are doing and why we are doing certain things in a certain fashion, thus if you are not prepared to obtain the knowledge required to develop a website I strongly recommend you hire somebody competent to get it done.

You can also have this awesome website, but it will not help you without being visible on the search engines, because your business depends on it to make that extra sales a possibility.

I am all for self-help but then you need to learn and it’s fine to make some mistakes along the way and also to learn from it.

Just take note incompetency can be costly, so don’t be incompetent when it requires knowledge. You do require knowledge to base your decisions on. This is not trying to sell services but you need the knowledge that a website is a digital space for your business to expand. You have to plan and need a good web strategy in place for it.

Your potential client is most probably going to search from a mobile device on a search engine and that’s why ranking high on the search pages has its perks.

We all start by doing something but in order to expand you shall discover paying for somethings ain’t such a bad idea if you work within a budget that you can afford.



New Digital, Social Media Marketing & Technological Developments.

Let’s make it exciting to keep updated with Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

New search engines, social media platforms, and developments of decentralized applications on the blockchain are going to influence our normal way of conducting business in the future.

We lose interest at times when we are engaging with theory because it can become overwhelming.

Our aim is not only to get small business owners, online entrepreneurs, marketers, etc. interested in these topics but to develop a passion for it.

Try and think about disposable nappies. The baby’s bums stay dry because there is some sort of gel that absorbs the urine. It’s actually amazing and anybody that’s changing nappies has a preferred brand and their reasons are mostly based upon what absorbs the best.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford these expensive nappies which also influence our decision, but disposable nappies are in and washing nappies are out.

Nappies ain’t the only thing that developed over the years and if we look at the development of technology over the last couple of years we are making giant leaps lately.

Did you see the latest smartphones? It’s amazing all the features, and what you can do with and it’s not adults alone having these new tech devices in their hands but kids as well.

There’s  a lot of development due to the advanced technology. There are many programs for different things e.g. Graphic Design and these programs are being developed as we speak.

On the social media platforms developers are also constantly busy developing new features to existing platforms and even developing new ones, e.g. Webtalk that’s being in many discussions of Social Media Marketers. Some decentralized social media applications like Steemit is also catching our eyes.

Now you can reach millions of people at the click of the mouse or a tap on a smartphone. That’s why we ought to change our mindsets in order to extend our small business into something “Big”.

We are living in an era where technology is developing at a fast rate. The ones owning technology is constantly trying to develop better technology and there is a race to have the best.

As marketers, we are facing several new challenges. We need to keep abreast with technological development in order to perform at our peak. It’s foolish to ignore technological development and the latest tools added in our toolkit.

Expanding engagement is a serious issue we are dealing with each day. The idea is to be able to reach those who are potential clients effectively. New technology, enables us to be effective in our efforts and there is data that tells us if we on the right track.

Many routes lead to Rome as they say, but we do not have to walk in circles to get there. All we need do is to become knowledgeable.

Social Media Platforms On The Blockchain

When you wake in the morning, do you have the grateful feeling you that a new day dawns upon you? Is there excitement despite all the challenges that you are going to face today, that there is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

Awesome things are happening each day on the blockchain and sometimes we are just missing it, and we as marketers are missing out on an opportunity and we can not afford it.

We need to take note of developments and I am actually shocked that my discoveries to discover this decentralized approve took me more nearly three years to discover and if it wasn’t for my best friend I think it would have even taken me a lot longer.

A first application built upon Steem blockchain. Steemit a
company founded by Ned Scott and blockchain developer Dan Larimer launched the social media platform during July 2016. Steemit as the first application built upon the Steem blockchain.

Wake up! I want to say wake up, stats from 2018 revealed, Steem paid their users more than $40 million. Users get paid in Steam dollars an altcoin and they get it straight into their wallets and may exchange it for Fiat currency.

With everything that has been build on blockchain, people have many opinions and many people when they hear the word blockchain or cryptocurrencies they are automatically on scam alert.

My humble opinion is that when you invest in startups on the blockchain you are fully aware of the risks. Premature reports about poor support and money that people lost, I think is unfair.  Even asking why to opt the route on the blockchain for a social media platform I think is pretty stupid there was nothing wrong with the idea.

Another claim about friends, I mean where to start with your startup, amongst friends? What is wrong with it. If I am getting $0.01 against someone who did invest and are taking the risk that gets more. What is the story? It’s stupidity to want the same and so what if they were friends as soon as they invested they became investors.

The intention of a decentralized social media platform was the motivation behind it, to create something unique.

Claiming you know something that you don’t know, on what do you base your claims? It’s silly if you take risks and lose a bit money you can’t base your claims on that.

Not every single startup on the blockchain is a scam. A lot of startups starts off on a gravel road until they reach the tar. Is there something wrong with that or is there more to it?

Steemit entered the social media market with the concept of sharing revenue with its users has been doing that so I am still wondering where is the scam? After nearly three years look how they are prospering, wasn’t it a bit premature judgement?

How can startups get somewhere on the blockchain if people don’t do some homework and just out vote everything as a scam? Steemit is a social media platform and the facts you get paid for good content  and nobody is forcing you in. It’s a choice.

If you do your homework you shall find Steemit wasn’t just smooth sailing all the way and even Steam had some rough times but it’s back this year.

Just go ahead and do your own homework and make informed decisions.

For more information, you can visit and get an explanation on Steemit and how things are working on the decentralized web.

I do encourage people to surf the net and look for answers and test what is the truth based on knowledge and not to assume things.

Leading the Pack in the Latest Technology.


People are afraid of new technology and to be honest ignorance and lack of knowledge play a significant role.

If you think in terms of technology, the country with the best technology rules.

Technology has become something sought after more than natural resources, for example, silver gold. My humble opinion is that technology can be used for good or evil and when it comes to the blockchain it is for the good, the middlemen are out.

It’s a decentralized web with an open ledger to view and it’s transparent everybody is seeing the same ledger.

When we are looking at the influence it’s going to have on search engines, we all know that blockchain is evolving and top marketers already busy to enter viable opportunities on the blockchain and to have a head start above the rest. It is all about the latest technology and who is going to be leading the pack.

For nearly three centuries there are billboards and they differ a lot from what it used to be. Businesses are still spending money on it if you think about it and they paying even more for digital billboard these days.

Seriously there is nothing to be alarmed about, but the facts are main powerhouses, for example, is still conducting business as usual despite the fact that on the decentralized web the marketer is going to deal directly with his client.

There is no Google involve in what you are doing on the decentralized web but you are still going to use Google or other search engines in the future.

As technology is expanding even the search engines are expanding and new developments are part and parcel of it. Marketers, our playground is getting bigger there is no threat.

The umbrella of digital and social media marketing is getting bigger the technology grows from an infant to toddler or teenager etc.

Having a clear picture of development in our digital environment we ought to know that search engines are also competing in the field of technology.

I think if you are thinking these search engines are going to hands-up for blockchain or any other technology you are in for a surprise and also if you think you shall not need the blockchain to conduct business in the future, you are in for another surprise.