Suspicious Websites.


We have all come across some of these websites in the past.

Looking back at how I felt after a party to find there were burglars in my house. They went through my stuff.

They had access to everything without my permission.  My clothes were on the floor, my ex-wife’s clothes were on the floor.

I can’t remember if the children were born at that time and if their things were also lying on the floor or not.

I was just angry and felt violated someone was in my house and went through everything that is personal to me.

Imagine this you visit a website and you discover later they have all your personal information without you willingly provided that information. How are you going to feel if you find out they stole from you?

Anger and all the emotions you have are somehow related to poor judgment and ignorance.

Physical versus Digital.

There is not much difference in the physical world and the digital world and we need to treat them with the same respect in order to prevent feeling completely powerless.

I could have prevented the incident. I had many options, for example, I could have asked a relative to come over, or a friend.

I have now a security system in my house. I could have done even that. I was a sitting duck.

There are certain things that we fail to do.  We are just into it for the results.  Another good example is altcoins we want them because we want a result to beat inflation.

Due to ignorance, we get caught in scams or even buy shitty coins. We don’t care about who it is or how it works we are focussed on results.

After all the turmoil we decide to become aware of scams, fraudsters, and bad coins. We are more cautious about the platforms we are using to buy coins from. Then only we are prepared to learn.

Here are a free website security check and malware scanner.

It’s easy to use and it gives you a lot of information including the IP Address.

Here is an IP Lookup Tool.


Let us have a look at Clive’s comment and I quote from it: “…The website looks suspicious. Although when I clicked on the link I had no problems with Google Chrome, it didn’t show me a Deceptive Site Ahead Warning. Some “Tell Tale Signs” would be

1)The address on the website – has a very broad address NSW 2060? No street address and no contact telephone number on the website.

2) There are no contact details when you look up the I.P address on WHOIS I.P.

3)Sucuri SiteCheck which is a free online security website checking tool shows as a blacklisted website and is a critical security risk.

4)Usually, when pricing seems too good to be true a red flag should be raised

5) You could also Google to see if the website is a scam has not been reported but there are enough red flags showing up and it would be a sad situation if your investment disappeared overnight.”


Hoping you shall find this useful and be more careful in the future.

Bitcoin A Cut Above The Rest.

What is bitcoin?

A friend and I had a discussion today about bitcoin and it’s future. During the discussion, he mentioned a few things:

  • The critics of bitcoin do not understand the value of bitcoin’s design.
  • For the reason, that there is no person that you can point a finger to say he is the developer of bitcoin.
  • The supply is based algorithmically based on a geometrically decline function.
  • Less and less bitcoin is produced over time. Bitcoin is mined on the same principle of a real mine it gets harder and harder to mine with greater and greater costs.
  • Bitcoin’s supply is 21 million is the total of bitcoins and it is the total!
  • 85% of the world’s bitcoins have been mined and it will take at least another 100 years to get to 21 million.

Who can stop you from owning bitcoin?

Can anybody stop you from owning bitcoin? Can it only be seized as proceeds of crime? Read this article here. Hence the government does have the ability to do so if you obtained it legal or illegal.


Governments can print Fiat Money governments and circulate more and even more and they do want the monetary policies to be in there favor to regulate and control cryptocurrencies. I am not saying regulations to a certain extent will be bad as long as they are reasonable. However, banning bitcoin all over the globe seems unlikely and there are game plans for those living under such bans at present. You are welcome to read more here.

Personal Opinions

When I do look at bitcoin it seemed that it had the future in mind and it’s certainly a cut above the rest. There may come policies and regulations but in Crypto Space, it’s most definitely the best investment. The fact that some countries are adopting to it gives a good signal it’s here to stay. Through it all, it got stronger and stronger.

Here is a great  YouTube video to watch on this topic.

Facebook Unplugged?

The Story.

We must have heard that eBay, Mastercard, PayPal, Stripe and Visa pulled the plug on Facebook’s Libra Project. Bookings Holdings Inc. is the latest to the plug.

How could this happen? Seriously why did they back Mark Zuckerberg and the Libra project in the first place just to pull out and all of this before he testifies on the 23rd before Congress?

The initial consortium of companies that were listed were 28 names. What is going on? It’s becoming apparent that there is somebody with an upper hand and trying to pull the plug on the project. Since the announcement of the project, it seemed that they want to stop Mark Zuckerberg in his tracks.

The Unanswered Questions.

Are people afraid of technology and afraid that that fiat money is going to lose its popularity? If you have an android phone everybody can trade with anybody and the payment is immediate. The fact is that anybody from anywhere is now empowered. You can use a device to send, receive and store digital currencies. This seems to be the problem.

Mark Zuckerberg and Pavel Durov’s dreams were bigger than the USA or any other country. Despite the negative publicity, I don’t think there is a stop in the idea. You can cage an idea only for so long, but when it gets out is there really a stop to it?

Does only the future know what we are guessing about if the plug can be pulled from the socket? Do these guys have the persistence to carry on until they succeed remains to be seen?

Regulation and the other red tape does not seem to be the issue, I think it’s about too much power. In conclusion, is it possible that two letters from Democrat Senators motivated them to pull the plug completely after that they knew there is heat in the kitchen?

Battle Expands in Crypto Space.


Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are not the only ones with challenges to enter Crypto Space.

When Telegram announced in June that they are going ahead with their ICO (initial coin offering) you could have a guess that it is not going to get just a warm welcome.

ERC-20 tokens of 2017 kicked-off and the IOS’s just popped up everywhere and it was fine. Seriously not much at a big deal. When east and west meet it seems it’s always heading for a battle.  People are wondering if it’s really a  Telegram ICO due to the involvement of Liquid Exchange and Gram Asia.

Why are people trying to halt the east?  Pavel Durov presently residing at Saint Kits and Nevis. He is a Russian entrepreneur and founder of Telegram Messenger. Just by reading it, I hope you got the feeling.  It seems like another black sheep just because of his origin.  Needless to say, it seems he is in for a battle.


Okay, we either know we assume things? Due to the US stance on cryptocurrencies, we could have certainly it doom for battle.  It has been reported that according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission they filed an emergency restraining order against the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Telegram.

It has also been reported that Liquid Exchange is listing the tokens held by Gram Asia. Ton is Telegrams Open Network blockchain and it’s decentralized bragging with awesome transaction speed.


I believe the history or manner of how governments handled fiat money is the main motivational factor for cryptos to exist today. Technology that can prevent wars and inflation is now the enemy.

I have no problem with the regulation of these currencies but do not take the opportunity to be my own banker away from me. What can beat inflation is seen as a threat and what can stop the wars that inflation promoted.



Luno Claim No Partnership with Luno Live Mining Company.

Bitcoin mining plays a very important role in the bitcoin blockchain. Many miners invest a lot of money to get mining equipment and farms in place. They conduct important work to ensure the validity of transactions on a blockchain.

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy stage and a lot of people don’t have a clue of it.  Due to the fact that they lack knowledge,  they are scared of technology.

People find it difficult to see value in blockchain technology. Getting investors aboard is a mission.  New start-ups struggle to get the investors to believe in the blockchain as it is. Then you get the scammers and fraudsters who make the task even worse.

Yesterday I was introduced to  Luno Live Mining Company.  Visiting their site was a userfriendly experience with online chat beautiful images. The Luno Live Company claiming to have its cryptocurrency farm based in Australia.

Furthermore, they claim the farmed is owned by a group of Brazilians and Australia Teams of noble entrepreneurs and investors.

I quote from their site; “Luno Mining company partner: We are proud partners of Luno Mobile Wallet which facilitates bitcoin storage and transactions such as buying, selling and paying their bitcoin wallet services. They also operate exchanges between traditional currencies and bitcoin. You can get a secured wallet by signing up ( ).”


I phoned my best friend the founder of Techno Magazine and we decided to investigate this site since it looked suspicious with a poor Luno logo.  We could not find the White Paper or anything about the mentioned partnership.

It resulted in an inquiry on twitter and looking at the answer we got back it’s obvious they are not part of Luno as they claim.

In response to our inquiry, Luno money replied and I quote: “No this company is not part of Luno.  This looks like a fraudulent website/company.  We have reported this to our fraud team.”

Look at their site now.


Techno Magazine takes pride in sharing knowledge about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and technology.  Ibayi marketing,  like an investigative approach to things and together we have managed to get an investigation started.

When you spend money on blockchain technology investigate your potential investment.  Does the company have a White Paper, Social Media accounts and what are claiming on these accounts?

Look at the website and if you uncertain contact us to help you with your investigation but don’t waste your investment due to ignorance.

Look at the website and if you uncertain contact us to help you with your investigation but don’t waste your investment due to ignorance.

Who is Winning the Battle?

Huawei has finally unveiled the Mate 30 Series this week. However, the media is already stirring up the concoction despite the innovative hardware of these devices.

The gossip is all about Google gap, it seems like Huawei’s announcement was met with a hard slap. Google warned that it would not license the new Mate  Phone Series in terms of the U.S. restrictions.

The media is having a field day with the news. The main focus is on Huawei’s capabilities to deal with the lack of YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Store, and Google Maps.

At the IFA tech show in Germany, Richard Yu told the media there “might be a workaround on hand.” Will President Trump lift it as part of a trade deal?

Despite the fact that Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, mentioned that the open-source nature of Android has a lot of possibilities. Huawei is unable to provide Google Mobile Services on new products due to the ban. Third-party developers are working on it.

Unfortunately, presentations thus far focused on the new 5G chipset, its performance, power efficiencies, the camera, and display.

This still leaves us with the question is there Google or no Google. For the risk-takers, I believe it’s a buy. If it means no Google you need to ask yourself what are you buying?

The stage is set and the countdown has begun to either fight over ownership of technology or a sportsman’s embrace after a boxing fight.

HarmonyOS seems to be the replacement for AndroidOS but it seems the ban is aimed at the ownership of technology, thus no Google for Huawei at this stage.

Where was Justin Sun?



On the Rough Edges.

We can’t deny that things were a bit on the rough edges for TRON and their face Justin Sun.

All the eyes were on Justin Sun after he paid $4,6 million USD for a charity lunch with Warren Buffet.

Political Tention.

On the one hand, there is tension between East and West regarding the trade ban. Weighing things fairly, on the other hand, Justin Sun CEO of Tron.

Justin Sun has captivated the imagination of his followers somehow. The reason is that he has found support in the Crypto Space and his followers do believe he is just misunderstood at times.

Looking at all the facts at our disposal we can’t blame his reputation only on the West’s attitude towards him. Due to his marketing strategies, some people like him and others dislike him.

He is known for his occasional white lie and being too excited at times. Announcing things where the deal has not been closed? Maybe the fact that people have a soft spot for Jack Ma and Justin’s innocent face he could captivate the imagination of his followers.

Disbelief and Disappointment.

How could you miss out on the greatest opportunity of your life to sit at a table with Warren Buffet? The man who has compared bitcoin as a “delusion” and “rat poison squared” and has said bitcoin has “no unique value” We had maybe too high expectations.

The audacity to somehow mess up a 4.6 million dollar lunch or was politics and conspiracy really involved?

Now the 4.6 million dollar lunch is on ice for how long? Why was Justin Sun so dogie? He is back what can we expect? According to some of his tweets, it seems like good things are on the horizon for Tron and Bittorent.

Final Thoughts.

Finally, who do you want to trust “The crypto whiz kid” Justin Sun, the “prejudiced” media or “conspiracies” against Tron?

Quoting Tron: “TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet.”

A good leader does not give up when things go wrong and you are welcome to differ from me but hats off for Justin Sun he is still going strong.

What is 5G?

1. 5G Explained.

We refer to 5G as the fifth-generation cellular network technology that provides broadband access. 5G follows 2G, 3G, and 4G and their respective associated technologies.

Furthermore, we may have heard that with 3G, it takes approximately 26 hours to download a two-hour film. With 4G, six minutes and with 5G, three and a half seconds. 5G is not just about the download speed, videos that never buffer or calls that never drop. Due to this framework of reference, many of us are thinking in terms of download speeds.

Finally, it’s also about driverless cars, connecting appliances, and smart homes. With basically everything that can be connected, it does pose risks and security risks to a country if you don’t own the technology 5GE is not 5G it’s just faster than LTE and a bit more advanced it’s still lacking in terms of download speeds.

2. The Influence of Politics on Technology.

Politics and technology are like oil and water it does not mix well. President Donald Trump and China relationship are volatile, as seen in reports. He barred American Firms to make use of telecoms equipment made by firms posing national security risks. It is aimed at China and Huawei.

Despite these claims, Russia has decided to side with Huawei to develop 5G and Russia’s president has voiced an opinion that Huawei is getting pushed out of global markets to develop 5G.

3. Ownership of Technology.

It leaves us with the question is this restriction on digital assets and development that can benefit the world really founded or is this more about ownership of this technology?

Huawei’s biggest challenge seems to be a replacement Android Operating System since Google has been barred from Huawei due to the claims of posing a threat or risk to the national security of America.

According to reports from Forbes, it seems like Huawei is testing Aurora OS as a replacement, but there are speculations Huawei exploring multiple alternative options. Therefore we are uncertain to what it may result in the future.

4. Questionable Outcome.

Another question is how will global markets react. Is it possible for Huawei and China to develop their own Android Operating System and Services?

The Advancements of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain.

We are in for major surprises when we have a look at Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain.

When we enter discussions about the blockchain, do we really have the knowledge or ability to explain to someone else what the blockchain is?

To embracing the definition alone about the blockchain is limiting. Our full understanding of the blockchain is the question, what can we do with it? There are different developments that pave the integration of technologies on the blockchain, for example, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things.

The fact is that we can’t deny how Artificial Intelligence and Technology will impact our lives. These changes are already happening with the devices we are interacting each day.

Major Surprises.

Surprisingly, we shall discover the advancements of Artificial Intelligence that opens the proverbial can of worms. Not everybody is ready to get to grips with the advancements of Artificial Intelligence. The reality is that we shall find people for and against it.

I was watching several Youtube videos regarding Sophia the humanoid robot. She is known to be the world’s most expressive robot. This freak some people out to ask the question when will robots become as smart as humans.

Robots seem to be more advanced than many of us. People have different reactions to robots because of some of the robots have mental and cognitive structures to eventually surpass humans like Sophia.

Future Predictions.

What makes it a bit uncomfortable for some is the predictions that they may function on our level within the next 3-5 years according to Hanson Robotics chief scientist Ben Goertzel.

I think that Sophia and all applications on the blockchain deserve attention since different AI’s are coordinating on an Open Source Network for example on the Ethereum Blockchain.

In future, we shall come back discussing Sophia and have look at Hanson Robotics, Singularity Net have a deeper look at how Decentralized Cloud Base Platforms are working to get the understanding of the puzzle of Artificial intelligence.

Are we ready to interact with robots on peer-2-peer technology and how will it impact our lives in the future?

Virual Conference: How to make money with IIot?

Exciting news, speakers from Industrial Internet Consortium, Siemens and Alta Via Consulting will explain this in their upcoming virtual conference, on May 30.

Somethings maybe free,  like this virtual conference but it ain’t cheap you can learn from the best and if you are intrigued by IIot book your seat here, there are only a few days left.

I am  excited and looking forward to this conference.