Rap battle between Google and Huawei.

Phoning my eldest daughter this afternoon was a shock. She just started this year her first year at varsity.I was so amazed at her accuracy regarding the Google ban on Huawei.

It’s old news already, but it seems like two rappers on stage battling out, and the audience is paying to listen to each word without getting value.

On 1 December Meng Wanzou, the daughter of the founder of Huawei  was detained in Canada. Why was this move necessary?

Quoting my daughter now: “This is a typical example of governments influence or intervention in the macro environment place not only a burden on businesses but the consumer.”

Imagine my daughter paid 5400ZAR. What about the consumer that paid 20 000ZAR.

Google’s ban on Huawei is going to impact the end user negatively and the fact that no evidence came to the fore that Huawei is a national security bridge, is that fact or fiction?

Traditionally people are afraid of advanced technology that is better than your own. Now I do not want to bad mouth but how many users are going to fall victim due to governments influence in this regard.

If you are tired of the rap battle, I don’t think there is a loser at this stage since negotiations may resume and parties may change their decisions.

The main concern that we are having is Huawei will have to be able to provide users all over the world not only with an alternative browser but approves. This battle is far from won, the question  that needs to be answered  is, if negotiations failed is there an alternative for Huawei to solve the problem?

Read more here or if you prefer video here.

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