Blockchain Promoted to a Wider Audience.

Great news as Chilliz announced, on the 17th of May, it’s a partnership with Binance Chain. This is really great news for blockchain.

According to Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, this move has the potential to get billions of sports fans engaged. It will allow brands and household names to become part of the crypto space.

This is admirable and applaudable since this makes blockchain technology available to ordinary people as well.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO & Founder of Binance said: “Sports is the perfect vehicle through which to educate mass consumers about the potential and the utility of blockchain technology. I’m proud that Binance and Chiliz are leading that charge globally.”

How do I want to describe it, awesome, awesome, Awesome! People are normally afraid and skeptical about cryptocurrencies and blockchain combining it with something familiar and not threatening like sports have the potential to get ordinary people excited enough to learn more about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

The new app is inviting and acquire a vote, rewards, etc. Greater things will become of this partnership because after $CHZ integration later this year Fan Tokens of football clubs of the biggest European football leagues are on their way.

Great stuff, developments on the blockchain promotes us to become more familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Ain’t it exciting to think in a few months from now we shall be able to obtain a digital asset of our own favorite football club.

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