Blockchain and Cryptocurencies Favoured.

We are on the brink of something big!

In the beginning, online shopping was a challenge for all, and now we are buying stuff online. Yes, shopping and spending money online has become part and parcel of modern life.

Value is being added to cryptocurrencies and my favorite line is to say wake up! Cryptocurrencies are becoming a mainstream asset for all! If you haven’t budgeted for it, operating digitally is going to change soon and we need to gear ourselves for the changes.

We have a responsibility towards ourselves to seriously take note of what is going on around us. There were rumors of a structure, Identity Overlay Network (ION) a decentralized identity network build on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

People felt the urge to buy bitcoin. What does it mean? Then suddenly US Senators are asking Zuckerberg questions about Facebook’s Libra project.

Cryptocurrencies are definitely getting attention and we need to see that Facebook is geared and did align themselves to a new dimension where people are going to use cryptocurrencies to do shopping online, send money family and friends, etc. this is immediate transactions on the blockchain.

Some of us are inclined not to think and just to do things on the spur of the moment. But I believe calculated decisions by powerhouses promoted assurance in cryptocurrencies and this is why cryptocurrencies look attractive like flowers blooming.

My humble opinion is that Facebook’s entrance on the blockchain is going to let other big social media platforms follow and enter the blockchain. Our social media platforms are going to influence e-commerce as we know it.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to make transactions a lot easier, so take note of it and be ready! This is really assuring people to invest as cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream asset nobody can deny.

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