Battle Expands in Crypto Space.

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Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are not the only ones with challenges to enter Crypto Space.

When Telegram announced in June that they are going ahead with their ICO (initial coin offering) you could have a guess that it is not going to get just a warm welcome.

ERC-20 tokens of 2017 kicked-off and the IOS’s just popped up everywhere and it was fine. Seriously not much at a big deal. When east and west meet it seems it’s always heading for a battle.  People are wondering if it’s really a  Telegram ICO due to the involvement of Liquid Exchange and Gram Asia.

Why are people trying to halt the east?  Pavel Durov presently residing at Saint Kits and Nevis. He is a Russian entrepreneur and founder of Telegram Messenger. Just by reading it, I hope you got the feeling.  It seems like another black sheep just because of his origin.  Needless to say, it seems he is in for a battle.


Okay, we either know we assume things? Due to the US stance on cryptocurrencies, we could have certainly it doom for battle.  It has been reported that according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission they filed an emergency restraining order against the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Telegram.

It has also been reported that Liquid Exchange is listing the tokens held by Gram Asia. Ton is Telegrams Open Network blockchain and it’s decentralized bragging with awesome transaction speed.


I believe the history or manner of how governments handled fiat money is the main motivational factor for cryptos to exist today. Technology that can prevent wars and inflation is now the enemy.

I have no problem with the regulation of these currencies but do not take the opportunity to be my own banker away from me. What can beat inflation is seen as a threat and what can stop the wars that inflation promoted.



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